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Complete Card Magic (4 DVD)

Complete Card Magic (4 DVD)

Complete Card Magic' est une véritable encyclopédie cartomagique en Dvd que vous soyez débutant ou expert. Chaque thème est traité dans sa totalité ! Une collection de DVD unique par son contenu !

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Complete Card Magic (4 DVD)
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Complete Card Magic (4 DVD)  




Complete Card Magic' est une véritable encyclopédie cartomagique en Dvd que vous soyez débutant ou expert. 
Chaque thème est traité dans sa totalité ! 
Une collection de Dvd unique par son contenu !

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 1 :
The Betting Game - This fun effect fools them every time. 
A Simple Card Revelation - Here's a little mystery with a big finish. 
Eyes Are The Window to the Soul - Look into their eyes and find their card. 
Pulse - Find a card while feeling their heartbeat. 
21 Card Trick Outdone - A new spin on a contemporary classic. 
The What? - A card instantly changes in a spectator's hand. 
Further Than That - A multi-level mystery that is sure to impress. 
Lie Detector II - A great follow-up to the original mystery. 
Use Your Powers For Good - A mystery that tests a spectator's psychic powers. 
Color Changing Deck - Find a blue card in a red deck, or is it a blue deck? 
One the Easy Way, One the Hard Way - Two techniques for finding two selected cards. 
Amazing Aces - The aces appear on the tops of four random piles. 
X Marks the Spot - A lost card reappears on an imaginary 'X'. 
Card Thru Hand - Riffle a card through your hand and into their hand. 
Quicker than the Eye - Cards quickly switch places, right in their hands! 
Two Card Challenge - Two cards selected, two cards found, but you'll still fool them.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 2 : 
The Ace Challenge - Four cuts all produce the ace of spaces, or do they? 
Twisting the Aces - The aces appear, even the stubborn ace of spades. 
Card Warp - Two cards folded together go thru a time warp. 
Coney Island Caper - Hungry enough to eat a playing card hot dog? 
Homing Card - Find their card in your pocket, not once, but twice. 
Rub-away Cards - Rub cards into your pocket, right thru the fabric. 
Chicago Opener - Their card turns blue in your red deck. Amazing! 
Jacks or Better - Their chosen card jumps right between the Jacks. 
The Sound of your Cards - Listen. Your cards tell you where their card is. 
Simple Arithmetic - Two wrong cards can make the right one. Awesome! 
One Last Card - Their card is always in the last place you look. 

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 3 : 
The Collector - Four Aces capture three selected cards in the deck. 
The Man from New York - When you cut to the Aces, you unshuffle the deck. 
Here, There, and Everywhere - If your cards are their cards, then where are yours 
Gambler's Thumbs - Catch a card cheater by watching their thumbs. 
Chameleon Card - A card changes color in their hand and in mid-air. 
The Most Ambitious Card Mystery - Many ways to make their signed card rise to the top.
Gerry's Jumping Coin Trick - Add some flare with magical jumping coins. 
Optical Illusion - Change Aces into Kings and back again. Incredible! 
Computer Deck - Turn your deck into a hi-tech cardboard computer. 
Real Magic - The amazing Aces outsmart the rest of the deck. 

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 4 : 
Forces - plus de 10 techniques de forçage de carte ! 
Marked Cards ,10 to 20 Force, The Glide Force, Gerry's Hindu Force, The Shuffle Force, The Toss Force, Touch a Card II, The Classic Force, Balducci Force, The Dribble Force, The Spread Force, Touch a Card Force, Under the Handkerchief... 
Shuffles - 7 méthodes de mélanges et contrôle de carte... 
Hindu Shuffle, The Riffle Shuffle, Push Thru Shuffle. The Zarrow Shuffle, Faro Shuffle, The Overhand Shuffle, One Handed Shuffle 
Flourishes -Enrichissez vos routines avec ces 6 fioritures uniques ! 
The Ribbon Spread. Closing a Fan, Hot Shot, The Pressure Fan, Table Fan Close, Card Spring. 
Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 7 : 
Cuts - 10 techniques de coupe classiques... 
The Octopus Cut, Gerry's One-Handed Cut, The Blind Swivel Cut, The Kick Cut, The Scissors Cut, The Charlier Cut, Erdnase False Cut, The Double Undercut, Double Undercut to the Table, Gerry's Undercut to the Table. 

Dvds en anglais.




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Complete Card Magic (4 DVD)
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